Sterling Ruby Catholic Rosary, Sterling St Michael, Large gemstone Rosary, Sacred Heart, Unbreakable heirloom rosary~ Prayers by the Bead


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Heavy Sterling, large gemstone 5 decade, Sterling wire wrapped rosary. gems of raw Ruby and solid sterling to be an unbreakable heirloom to be shared for generations to come. Ruby rough semiprecious gems adorn this 5 decade, Sterling Silver Catholic Rosary, Vintage appeal, Sterling silver Sacred Heart, Precious blood of Jesus Ruby gemstone, Unbreakable Embellished in solid sterling components, each individual piece is hand wirewrapped by professed religious hands.

A lifelong treasure, unbreakable rosary in the color of the Precious blood of Christ in faceted Ruby rough, classic Archangel and Sacred heart of Jesus, detailed in Solid .925 Sterling Silver, all components; wire beads and parts are solid sterling silver.

Faceted rough ruby gemstones were chosen for this embellished, diamond cut .925 stamped Sterling silver crucifix and St Michael with Sacred Heart of Jesus, large frame stamped sterling center. 10mm deep Rough ruby faceted gems and 8mm ruby red gems adorn this full five decade generational rosary in all its many facets. These gorgeous gems are capped at beggining and end of decades .925 sterling silver capped, pater noster gems are lightly polished after a rough facet and easily glide smoothly over your fingertips as you pray with this heirloom rosary. These gorgeous gems make up all the five decades of Ave’s.

Each pater noster bead pronounced in your fingertips with a detailed, heavy, matching .925 diamon dust sterling silver beads capped to the links. The links between are twisted 1/4″ .925 solid sterling silver creatively connecting this beautiful piece.

For this lifelong prayer bead set, I selected a classic flared scroll crucifix in solid .925 sterling silver. It has a lovely sunburst behind Christ’s head and the INRI above his head. Very, large solid and elegant and feels spectacular in your hand.

The rosary center, heralds the start of the miraculous walk in Jesus’ life is equally inspirational. Sterling silver wire gallery wraps connect this diamond cut, thick framed St Michael custom cameo flip side Sacred Heart of Jesus Center Medal in Sterling Silver medal pulls the diamond cut detail off the very large 2 1/4″ crucifix.

Attention to the smallest details makes this a family rosary that will last lifetimes. Each bead and link wirewrapped with .925 Sterling Silver 20 gague on the paters, center and Crux, 21 gauge wire on the aves between the paters. This individual wirewrapping method guarantees you will not lose a cherished prayer bead. Details matter, heavy sterling twisted circle connectors hold the flow of the rosary together, matching the heavy sterling floral petal caps.

This handcrafted by myself, heirloom rosary measures approx 50″ around and down (21″ folded) in total length. This item can ship priority domestic USA or first class, or international.

This one of a kind, unbreakable heirloom Rosary, hand constructed by me, comes with:
– Cross: Very Large Crux 2 1/4″ Italian Scrolled INRI design, stamped “Sterling” on back
– Pater Noster: 10mm faceted Ruby rough, .925 sterling silver 9mm Heavy sterling petaled caps and topped with a 4mm Diamond dust Sterling beads
– Ave Maria: 8mm Ruby Rough gemstone faceted with the beginning and ends embellished with .925 sterling 4mm Sterling silver cap
– Center: Sterling Silver diamond cut frame 1 1/2 ” St Michael Custom color Cameo with back side Sacred Heart of Jesus Medal stamped Sterling Silver, loop for addition medal
– Medal: n/a
– Brochure on History of the rosary
– How to pray the rosary card
– Soft cloth carry Pouch
– Sterling polish cloth
– Care instructions
– Unbreakable Warranty

☆ Why would you consider investing in an expensive wire wrapped rosary over a conventional linked one?
– All my hand built rosaries are hand wire wrapped minimum two wraps to a loop ensuring strength, after completion each link is retucked and checked. Each linked piece has been checked 3X.
– Conventional looped and linked rosaries don’t usually last more than a few months of daily use due to wear and pulling on the chains coming in contact with glass or gemstones-its the same science behind why shoelaces come undone.
– Chain linking falls apart with little to no stress – these rosaries I hand craft will take a lot of pulling tugging and stress over the decades.
– All my rosaries are made with 22, 21, or 20 gauge gold plate, 14/20 Gold filled, Bronze color, true bronze, silver plate, sterling Silver filled or .925 solid silver wire. Strength and quality count to last lifetimes – this will be an heirloom to pass on to your family.
– Quality of time spent counts, the time to create these pieces is anywhere from 4 -12 hours depending on the detail, the amount of medals going into the rosary and gemstone placement with embellishments.
– I do guarantee my workmanship, at anytime in the lifetime normal use of this rosary, pay postage to and from and I repair this for free for you



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