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Saint Michael Earrings, Vintage Stained Glass Angels, Purple Angel Cameo Drop earrings, The Archangel St Michael is the Patron St of Warriors, Angel Jewelry, a wonderful Bridesmaid gift or any occasion Cathilc gift, Supernatural archangel protection.

This handcrafted St Michael cameo earrings started as a vintage image of Saint Michael crafted out of cut glass and fashioned for a Cathedral window. I printed the image of this window to start.

After printing and trimming this image, I seal, fit,and double epoxy the small dome. Direct to you from a Cathedral window, these are set in bronze cameo settings with lever backs. This pair measures 2″ tall and 1 1/8 ” wide.

☆ INFO ON St Michael ☆

St Michael the angel, defender of Gods realms. Archangel Michael Honors Those Who Work for Peace, Safety and Security The Archangel St. Michael is the patron saint of the warrior.
~ As the field commander in the Army of God, Michael, the Archangel is regarded as a powerful, spiritual general and soldier for Christ. As such, members of the armed forces, law enforcement officers, firefighters and others who work to serve and protect us all daily, regard St. Michael as their patron saint.
~ The men and women of the military have a special connection to St. Michael the archangel. Many of them have served overseas for months and even years, away from their family, friends, and the home they love. St. Michael comforts our soldiers and guards them during those times when our loved ones are away. I am sure that many of you have family members who are in the military or have served in the past. Our troops deserve and require our support and one of the best ways to support them are Catholic military gifts which remind them of their guardian angel, such as the St. Michael medal.
~St. Michael is one of the three archangels whom is remembered for battling Satan. One of 7 whom stand before the throne of God. He is the leader of the armies of angels and is responsible for having led the battle against Satan and his demons, sending them to Hell. For years many have given a St. Michael medal to their loved ones going overseas as a blessing and protection from St. Michael. Many miracles have occurred in battle through the use of the St. Michael medal and the medal has given courage to countless soldiers throughout history. The gift of the St Michael medal to your loved one could make their trials far more bearable.


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