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St Benedict mens black gem Rosary, custom colored hand enameled medals wrapped into an unbreakable rosary. The large crucifix has the Exorcism medal of protection against evil with St Benedict on the front, he is the patron Saint against kidney disease and poisoning. Each medal has been mixed, tinted and hand enameled by myself, using marine grade glass like epoxy into a translucent shade of charcoal black, crafted and cured for 72 hours only here at Prayers by the bead.

This cameo image next to the custom colored St Benedict enameled center is the Warrior Archangel Michael. St Michael is known as the Terror of demons for defending heaven and kicking Satan and his army out of heaven. Here, I download, edit 3x, hand cut, seal 3x in the cameo setting, the hand pour the “glass like bubble” using marine grade, epoxy. All Prayers by the Bead rosary images are original crafted here, all cameos including these Saint Medals are waterproof. Each one takes up to 72 hours to create and cure.

This hand construction 5 decade rosary has been made with double sided St Benedict medals and large gemstones . All attention is given here to old world craftsmanship, traditional minute details, heirloom quality, presented in a virtually unbreakable rosary. A strong, sturdy St Benedict Rosary made for a mans hands. Each component carefully crafted professed religious hands. The gemstones are large and polished, easily accommodating arthritic or older hands too.

This is a 60 inch prayer bead set is especially made for larger hands, arthritic hands or even a delicate woman’s hand. Would fit nicely over a waist rope for professed religious. Just to help scale when viewing the images, the hand in the picture from palm to tip of finger is 7.5 inches. This piece feels very substantial with the weight of these gemstones.

This five decade rosary features one of the largest St Benedict crucifix I carry, at 3″ long it is custom colored and hand hand enameled here by me. This is coupled with a matching St Benedict, hand enameled pater nosters to create a powerful visual for your prayers.

Hand constructed and built, bead by bead, about 11 hours, painstakingly by my own hands. Very sturdy with each component individually wire wrapped with the ends neatly tucked. Virtually unbreakable rosary with deep charcoal faceted Onyx gemstones. Powerful medals of exorcism combined with cool semiprecious gemstones are nearly unbeatable, a powerful spiritual warfare tool in your hands. This one is magnificent, and we hope and pray, a treasure to pass on for generations to come.

Your Large Heirloom gemstone rosary comes with:
Measures: 60″ long down and around long.
> CRUX: 3″ Hand enameled St Benedict, exorcism medal of happy death
> Center: 1 1/4″ hand enameled charcoal black St Benedict medal
> PATER Noster: 12mm Hand Enameled by me, St Benedict medal
> AVE: 10 mm Faceted black onyx
> Medal(s): St Michael, classic image
Cameo medal
> Extras: Crown of thorns
– Card on how to pray rosary
– Information on the rosary
– soft carry pouch
– care instructions
– information on St Benedict Medal
– unbreakable lifetime warranty

☆ Why would you consider investing in an expensive wire wrapped rosary over a conventional linked one?
– All my hand built rosaries are hand wire wrapped minimum two wraps to a loop ensuring strength, after completion each link is retucked and checked. Each linked piece has been checked 3X.
– Conventional looped and linked rosaries don’t usually last more than a few months of daily use due to wear and pulling on the chains coming in contact with glass or gemstones-its the same science behind why shoelaces come undone.
– Chain linking falls apart with little to no stress – these rosaries I hand craft will take a lot of pulling tugging and stress over the decades.
– All my rosaries are made with 22, 21, or 20 gauge gold plate, 14/20 Gold filled, Bronze color, true bronze, silver plate, sterling Silver filled or .925 solid silver wire. Strength and quality count to last lifetimes – this will be an heirloom to pass on to your family.
– Quality of time spent counts, the time to create these pieces is anywhere from 4 -12 hours depending on the detail, the amount of medals going into the rosary and gemstone placement with embellishments.
– I do guarantee my workmanship, at anytime in the lifetime normal use of this rosary, pay postage to and from and I repair this for free for you!

Devotion to St Michael:
St Michael the angel, defender of Gods realms. Archangel Michael Honors Those Who Work for Peace, Safety and Security The Archangel St. Michael is the patron saint of the warrior, who Catholics have designated as the protector of those who strive to preserve security, safety and peace. He makes various powerful appearances in the Bible.
~ As the field commander in the Army of God, Michael, the Archangel is regarded as a powerful, spiritual general and soldier for Christ. As such, members of the armed forces, law enforcement officers, firefighters and others who work to serve and protect us all daily, regard St. Michael as their patron saint.
~ The men and women of the military have a special connection to St. Michael the archangel. Many of them have served overseas for months and even years, away from their family, friends, and the home they love. St. Michael comforts our soldiers and guards them during those times when our loved ones are away. I am sure that many of you have family members who are in the military or have served in the past. Our troops deserve and require our support and one of the best ways to support them are Catholic military gifts which remind them of their guardian angel, such as the St. Michael medal.

~St. Michael is one of the three archangels whom is remembered for battling Satan. He is the leader of the armies of angels and is responsible for having led the battle against Satan and his demons, sending them to Hell. For years many have given a St. Michael medal to their loved ones going overseas as a blessing and protection from St. Michael. Many miracles have occurred in battle through the use of the St. Michael medal and the medal has given courage to countless soldiers throughout history. The gift of the St Michael medal to your loved one will make their trials far more bearable.

☆St Benedict medal:
In St. Benedict’s left hand (facing your hand) is his Rule for Monasteries that could well be summed up in the words of the Prolog exhorting us to “walk in God’s ways, with the Gospel as our guide.

The purpose of using the medal in any of the above ways is to call down God’s blessing and protection upon us, wherever we are, and upon our homes and possessions, especially through the intercession of St. Benedict. By the conscious and devout use of the medal, it becomes, as it were, a constant silent prayer and reminder to us of our dignity as followers of Christ.

The medal is a prayer of exorcism against Satan, a prayer for strength in time of temptation, a prayer for peace among ourselves and among the nations of the world, a prayer that the Cross of Christ be our light and guide, a prayer of firm rejection of all that is evil, a prayer of petition that we may with Christian courage “walk in God’s ways, with the Gospel as our guide,” as St. Benedict urges us.


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