Anglican Prayer wheel of Weeks, 33 bead rosary~ Prayers by the bead


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Shades of blue are featured in this Custom Cameo, Tiffany stained glass image of the Angel of Virtue chaplet, rosary. Heirloom quality, unbreakable rosary construction.

Prayer beads, exemplifying traditions lasting thousands of years, these one just recently brought into reverence in the Tradition of the Anglican Church Fathers in the 1980’s. Heirloom quality to last lifetimes, virtually unbreakable. These Anglican prayer beads are each individually hand wire wrapped and knotted for strength and durability unlike typical looped prayer beads which can break apart easily. Bright Silver plated wire over a warm inner copper core wire in 20 gu securely wirewraps each component so you won’t lose a cherished piece.

The prayer beads are made up of twenty-eight beads divided into four groups of seven called “weeks”. In the Judeo-Christian tradition the number seven represents spiritual perfection and completion. Between each week is a single bead, called a “cruciform” bead as the four beads form a cross. The invitory bead between the cross and the wheel of beads brings the total to thirty-three, the number of years in Jesus’ earthly life.
Traditionally each year of Jesus life is prayed with this simple prayer: “Jesus, only son of God, Have mercy on me a sinner”.

In Catholic tradition and practice these 33 numbered beads are a Benedictine practice. The original chaplet construction was based on the personal diary writings of St. Benedict. Also, there are 7 beads in each group to represent the 7 sacraments.

Your custom design includes a longlasting, waterproof cameo featuring an Angel image designed by Tiffany studios for a church window. The inage was downloaded, edited 3x in Lightroom the sized and printed. The image is retained on acid free paper, heat sealed then handcut to fit the frame. Once fit the image is sealed 3x, then using glass like marine grade epoxy it is sealed permanently.

Design includes:
Cross: 2 1/8″ Custom crystal crucifix with corpus
Center: 1 7/8″ Custom color cameo of Stained Glass image of Tiffany Angel of Virtue
Weeks: 8mm frosted blue glass, beginning and ends capped
Cruciform: 8mm solid blue capped glass
Length: 37″ all the way around
– Soft pouch for carrying
– Prayer Brochure with prayers for this devotion.
– Care instructions
– lifetime warranty
Measures: 17.5″ in total length

☆ Why would you consider investing in a solid construction wire wrapped rosary over a conventional looped and linked one? ☆
– All my rosaries are hand wire wrapped minimum two wraps to a loop ensuring strength
– Conventional rosaries don’t usually last more than a few months of use mostly due to wear as links and chains are pulled against stone and glass, open links get bigger and beads are lost.
– Chain linking falls apart with little to no stress – these rosaries I take the time to construct, will take a lot of pulling tugging and stress over the decades.
– All my rosaries are made with 22, 21, or 20 gauge gold plate, 14/20 Gold filled, Bronze colored, true bronze, stainless steel, silver plate, sterling silver filled or solid .925 sterling silver wire, assuring strength and quality to last lifetimes – we hope this will be a generational heirloom to pass on to your family.
– Quality counts, time to create these pieces is anywhere from 4 – 12 hours depending on the detail and the amount of medals, gems and embellishments going into the rosary.
– I do guarantee my workmanship, at anytime in the normal lifetime use of this rosary, just pay postage to and from and I repair this for free for you.

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Silver plate wire, frosted blue glass, smooth blue glass, Tiffany angel cameo, floral bead caps, silver plate chain, custom blue crucifix


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